Illness and Injury Programs and Training

(Clients include industry, consultants, and health care)

Most successful injury and illness programs have several key elements: management leadership, worker participation, hazard identification, hazard control and prevention, training, and program review and improvement. DirectCIH can help the employer to develop a Safety and Health Program to include all the above elements, and to ensure that the program is being run efficiently and effectively.

Training is a vitally important part of an injury and illness prevention program to help workers find and fix workplace hazards before workers get hurt. DirectCIH trains client personnel in many aspects of industrial hygiene – related situations, including Hazardous Waste Operations, OSHA General Industry Outreach (10 and 30 hour courses), Emergency Action Planning, Permit Required Confined Spaces, Hazard Communications, Personal Protective Equipment, and other Safety and Health Programs. As desired by the client, this training may be conducted at the client’s location, or at DirectCIH offices. All training is planned to meet the specific requirements of the client.