Rapid Contaminant Identification


When a chemical release takes place, or when people experience symptoms of illness for no apparent reason, or if workers have to go into the site of a previous spill or fire to clean things up, they need to know if harmful conditions exist without delay.


DirectCIH uses many direct reading instruments in order to do this. The photograph above shows a few of our “toys” which we display at industrial conferences. We have the technology to almost immediately identify and/or quantify hundreds of thousands of airborne contaminants. We can monitor noise 24/7, by the second, for a month at a time. Big dust, fine dust, fume, and ultrafine particulate can also be monitored and logged continuously. All in real time.


As described in other sections of this website, DirectCIH also uses technological tools for the detection of radiation, biologicals, oxygen and common contaminant gases, moisture, water vapor, and heat burden on workers in high temperature situations.


Sometimes you just have to know right away.