Program Maintenance

Program Maintenance


Many companies and organizations have site or process hazards that they address with written compliance plans. These programs may be approached on an “as needed” basis to meet minimal regulatory compliance requirements, often done with less time, preparation, or expertise than is effective.


DirectCIH offers expert assistance in developing compliance plans, described in our auditing and compliance plan section, that will prove effective at reducing worker exposures, injuries, and fulfill specific regulatory requirements.


Your facility or operations may have or involve multiple hazards. Worse, you may have experienced an accident, spill, or received a notice of violation regarding compliance standards. In this case, a comprehensive industrial hygiene (IH) program will best fulfill a policy to safeguard human health and safety, natural resources, and the environment.


DirectCIH IH programs first identify the causes of EHS hazards. We will then direct the implementation of policies to prevent accidents, bring exposure levels under control, comply with regulations, reduce insurance costs, improve worker attitudes, and help the organization to project a proactive EHS image.


Accomplishing these policies is done through monitoring, observation, risk benefit analysis, and training. Engineering controls, work practices, and other controls that can be used will be researched and presented so that your organization can implement the most cost-effective method for your needs.


All necessary compliance measures will be met with thorough plans, including records and maintenance schedules to continue a “living” and active IH program. The IH program forms an integral component of an overall EHS management system.