Litigation Support Services

Litigation Services


The Certified Industrial Hygienists at DirectCIH have a history of assisting law firms. Nationwide, from small to large, many legal cases have been successfully completed involving industrial and environmental exposure for both plaintiffs and defendants.


Using impartial judgment and sound scientific principles, DirectCIH will objectively evaluate the merits of your case and will collect evidence as required to help you make informed decisions about how to proceed for your clients.


Case Evaluation


DirectCIH can assist you with evaluation of the claims being made to see if they have merit, or fail basic criteria for scientific plausibility.


Using knowledge, scientific literature, and other available resources, DirectCIH will focus on which hazards did or could cause harm, eliminate unlikely hazards for which resources would be diverted, and assess what other causative factors may have been involved in the bringing of the case.


We can review case documents to identify potential root causes and open avenues for further discovery, including state and federal FOIA requests for environmental and health reporting.


DirectCIH can also help with developing strategy for proceeding with the case, including but not limited to developing a weight-of-evidence sampling and analysis approach.


Work Product Development


The partners at DirectCIH have years of experience in the proper procedures and protocols for collecting, preserving and tracking evidence to ensure that the information we report to you is reliable within set confidence levels. Our on-site analytical work is scientifically valid and meets quality control standards.


Whether for plaintiff’s attorneys or defense lawyers, DirectCIH acts as your scientific arm for the collection of data and reporting of opinion that is unbiased, and which accurately reflects measured conditions.


Expert Witness Testimony


The partners at DirectCIH have given testimony under oath in both the courtroom and during deposition proceedings.


Expert witness experience includes:


  • Chinese drywall
  • Mold and other biologicals
  • Physical, chemical and biological water contamination
  • Indoor and outdoor air contaminants and exposures (vapors and particulates)
  • Exposures to volatile and persistent contaminants in soil and groundwater
  • Worker exposures